Dynamode BT-USB-M1 Bluetooth Wireless USB Adaptor - 100m
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Dynamode BT-USB-M1 Bluetooth 2.0 - Bluetooth Adapter - USB - 3 Mbit/s - 2.40 GHz ISM - 100 m Indoor Range

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One of the smallest fully featured Bluetooth Wireless USB adapters for Phone, PDA, Notebook and the rest of your digital life.

The new Dynamode BT-USB-M1 breaks the unadventurous design of competing Bluetooth adapters by offering most of the host electronics within the confines of the actual USB connector! Result - a Bluetooth adapter which can be left permanently plugged into a Notebook's USB Port, while in its Notebook bag, or moving from office to office without fear of the device becoming unplugged or damaged.


Manufacturer Spec

Manufacturer Spec